Thick Toe Nails, thick big toe nails

If you have thick toe nails then you are probably finding it difficult to cut your nails.
Often the big toe nails becomes thicker but all your toe nails can be effected.

Here is my advice on why your nails are becoming thicker and how to prevent them getting worse by correcting trimming and podiatry treatments that will soften and treat the thickend toenail.

Onymycosis is the medical term for toe nail fungus thick toenails this is the #1 reason 
toenails become thick. A fungal infection occurs in the nail bed causing the healthy nail to become infected causing thickness, discolouration, crumbling of the toenail.  If untreated the fungus can spread to the other toenails so it is important to use a fungal nail treatment.

#2 reason for thick toenails trauma causing thick toenails this is called Onychauxis.  Trauma to the nail bed from a heavy item being dropped onto the nail or pressure or friction from poor fitting footwear can cause the nails to become thicker.  Sports such as football, netball , hockey can cause damage to the nails and over time the nails may fall off and as new nails grow the toe nail become thicker.

Poor cirulation and ill health may cause our nails to become thicker over time. #3 As can our age in general as  we get older our skin becomes drier and we do not have young moisturised hair and skin including our nails.

Cutting our thick toe nails can become troublesome and i suggest to my patients to soften their thick nails using a toe nail softener such as salou or gehwol  these are podiatry oils used in podiatry and salon clinics and they will soften the nails and skin as well as preventing thick toenails and ingrown toenails over time.  

If you also have a fungus infection with in the thick toenail i suggest you apply a toenail fungus cream daily to eliminated the fungus as this could be the cause of your thick toe nails in the first place.